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ProSight does not replace you the professional! It is completely the opposite.

Most pros on the range already use video analysis with their smart phones and tablets, however ProSight is a game changer.

Professionals like you want ProSight for the following reasons. 


Range Owner

With ProSight you can provide the ultimate customer social experience.

Your customers will love your state of the art driving range, thus increasing footfall and revenue.

ProSight also provides a fantastic resource for your teaching professionals



One of the reasons why golf is such a difficult game is because we can't see ourselves - the difference between real and feel is HUGE! Seeing is believing.

Time is precious. Never again waste your time grooving bad habits. Stay on track and level up your fun by recording, analysing and sharing your practice sessions with your Pro, friends and family 

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Record, view, analyse and share

Golfers can now record, view, analyse and share their practice sessions with friends and pros.

ProSight also serves as a fantastic player development platform working in conjunction with the PGA Pro.

About Us

Very soon, practice and coaching will be meaningless without technology like this.

ProSight is the brain child of a team of fully qualified professional teachers which combines to over 50 years of teaching experience and the study of education.

ProSight is a self serve golf video analysis system for driving range bays. It offers incredible driving range customer experience.

Through touch screen technology and multiple camera views, a golfer can record, instantly view and share their swings. Thus creating a state of the art player development platform.

ProSight is a unique educational tool. Our state of the art video analysis system, offers an accurate insight into your game, allowing you to self-reflect like never before.

Your online account can gives you the ability to store, and further analyse, compare and share your swings.

The ProSight team


Why is using ProSight better than using my phone or tablet?

It can be very difficult trying to balance your phone in just the right position!

- You don't have rely on a friend to video you
- You have everything at your fingertips directly in front of you
- Our screen is much larger than a phone or tablet
- The face-on view is very important and your phone can't capture the entire swing
- Your phone can not compete with fixed point Multi camera views working in synch
- Instanty compare your swing against a Tour Professional
- Access Professional Tips
- There's a fantastic backend to this service where you can view your saved swings at your leisure and send to your Pro for extra support


How do I record my swing?

Firstly you activate a 5 second count down by either tapping the floor button with your club-head or touching the screen with your finger.
Then after the 5 seconds count down it records you for 10 seconds.
This is a comfortable length of time to take your shot.


How do I save a video to my online account?

Your videos do not automatically save to your account so it's best to manually save a video of your choice directly after the shot.

The videos do not save as pairs so you need to choose the correct view of your swing. Simply touch the save icon button on top of the video view of your choice:

A save popup will appear where you can press SAVE or CANCEL:
You can also add more details such as give the shot a star rating, club used, swing type and ball flight:
After you have saved the video it will return to the playback screen for you to continue your session.


How do I compare my swings?

You can compare your swing against a swing you recorded earlier in the session, or from a previous day or even a Tour Professional.

You'll find your swings recorded earlier in the session in the tab at the bottom of the playback screen called MY SWINGS TODAY:

Simply touch the window (left or right) you want the video to appear in then select the video of your choice from the MY SWINGS TODAY tab (they are numbered in order to help you find the one you're looking for) and it will appear in the window you selected.
Do the same process to retrieve a video from your online account which you can access from the tab at the bottom right of the screen called MY ACCOUNT.


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